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Process Skids provide the advantage of a completely self-contained process system that has been built into a frame or "module" for easy transportation and integration. Modular process skids can contain entire process systems or individual process applications; including batch mixing or blending, delayed differentiation, solvent recovery, and small-scale distillation.

Fuel Oil Handling Skids
Fuel Oil needs to be stored, forwarded and unloaded. Fuel Oil Handling Skids contain the entire range of pumps, valves, heater, strainers etc. The equipment come fitted with interconnecting pipes. This makes site-work minimal and customization easier. These are utilized in conjunction with Storage Tanks.

Compressed Air Skids
These turnkey skid packages are designed to meet the client's specific needs and contain the entire system - Air Compressor, Air Dryers, and Accessories (like Air Receivers and Air Filters). They include interconnecting piping and are pre-wired for single point hook up. The only "installation" required by the system are power supply and discharge pipe connection - and it is ready to operate.

Cooling Skids
The Cooling skid is designed to include all the required process instrumentation to monitor and maintain the temperature ranges and water-coolant quality standards. When needed most skids have redundant pumps, especially in a very critical process that cannot be stopped for a cooling system failure.

Vapour Recovery Skids
Vapour Recovery Unit (VRU) is an engineered compression package, which aims to lower emission levels coming from the vapours of petroleum or other fuels while recovering valuable hydrocarbons to be sold or reused as fuel onsite. A package for vapour recovery is designed to capture about 95% of Btu-rich vapours, generating many benefits, guaranteeing less air pollution, and recovering petroleum vapours to be used as fuel.

Valve Racks
We design and manufacture valve racks for combustion (gas & fuel oil) in power plants.

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