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Kobelco Air Compressors

Shalkoot has joined hands with Japanís Kobelco. Kobelco is No. 1 Compressor supplier of Japan. Kobleco has 55% market share of compressor in Japan. Kobelco, the only compressor company in world which manufactures raw material i.e specialized Steel of Screw (Air End).

Shalkoot markets and provides after sales services to complete range of Kobelco standard Air Compressors.
  • 15-250kW
  • 2.5-47.3 m³/min
  • 7- 10barg
  • Extreme Energy Saver
  • 15-400kW
  • 2.05-70m³/min
  • 7-10.3barg
  • ISO Class 0
  • 22-55kW
  • 3.7-10.1m³/min
  • 6-7barg
  • IPM motor with VFD