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Shalkoot offers a wide selection of Air cooled, Water cooled, chillers for industrial applications. The chillers are designed to deliver optimum performance, consistent operations and ruggedness at a price which meets requirements of demanding market.
  • Multiple compression and dual refrigeration circuit for redundancy.
  • Handles low and varying load better
  • Compact, simple to install and easy access to all parts.
  • Split design for Air-cooled chiller available resulting in higher chilling capacity without rejecting heat inside building.
  • Completely automatic operation, reliable control of temperature.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Evaporators of high capability bronzed plate type heat exchangers.
  • Insulated stainless steel tanks.
  • Automatic capacity controls by proportional control.
  • Reliable, efficient, easy to handle & operate sealed compressors used.
  • Safety interlocks for all major fault conditions.
  • Chiller units prewired and pre-piped to save on installation time and money.
Model 1 Ref. Capacity Kcal/hr. Temp. Range Power Supply Water Flow. (LPM)
SCAC/SCWC-303 9000 Kcal/hr. 5-15°C 415, 50 Hz AC 3ph. 30
SCAC/SCWC-005 15000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 50
SCAC/SCWC-010 30000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 100
SCAC/SCWC-015 45000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 150
SCAC/SCWC-020 60000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 200
SCAC/SCWC-025 75000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 250
SCAC/SCWC-030 90000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 300
SCAC/SCWC-040 120000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 400
SCAC/SCWC-060 180000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 600
SCAC/SCWC-075 225000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 750