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Water Chilling Plants
Shalcot's experience in the industrial refrigeration business has led to the development of cooling machines which meet the requirements of a demanding market. The know how developed in the company with the co-operation of hard to please customers has made possible that our products are updated to the today's market requirements. Shalcot offers a wide selection of Air cooled, water cooled, chillers for industrial applications. The chillers are designed to deliver optimum performance, consistent operations and ruggedness at a price which meets requirements of demanding market.
These machines have great use in all industrial processes and particularly in the cooling of presses. Our chilling plants are ideal for following applications:
  • Cooling of Presses and Hoppers for Thermoplastics, Welders, Dies for metals and plastic material.
  • Cooling of precision machinery tools and for all applications with temperature problems
  • Cooling of products in chemical and food industry.
  • Cooling of water and glycolated solutions in order to supply for cooling equipments in the mechanical, food, pharmaceutical and other industry.
The right choice of size and type of chiller is essential and will ensure very reliable operation whilst avoiding additional and unnecessary costs.
Once the quantity of heat to be dissipated is known, the chiller may be selected, by also taking in consideration the maximum ambient temperature of the fluid.
  • Multiple compression and dual refrigeration circuit for redundancy.
  • Handles low and varying load better
  • Compact, simple to install and easy access to all parts.
  • Split design for Air-cooled chiller available resulting in higher chilling capacity without rejecting heat inside building.
  • Completely automatic operation, reliable control of temperature.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Evaporators of high capability bronzed plate type heat exchangers.
  • Insulated stainless steel tanks.
  • Automatic capacity controls by proportional control.
  • Reliable, efficient, easy to handle & operate sealed compressors used.
  • Safety interlocks for all major fault conditions.
  • Chiller units prewired and prepiped to save on installation time and money.
Model 1 Ref. Capacity Kcal/hr. Temp. Range Power Supply Water Flow. (LPM)
SCAC/SCWC-303 9000 Kcal/hr. 5-15°C 415, 50 Hz AC 3ph. 30
SCAC/SCWC-005 15000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 50
SCAC/SCWC-010 30000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 100
SCAC/SCWC-015 45000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 150
SCAC/SCWC-020 60000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 200
SCAC/SCWC-025 75000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 250
SCAC/SCWC-030 90000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 300
SCAC/SCWC-040 120000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 400
SCAC/SCWC-060 180000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 600
SCAC/SCWC-075 225000 Kcal/hr. -do- -do- 750