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Shalkoot offers a variety of downstream equipment for industrial air.

Air Receivers
Shalkoot manufactures and supplies Air Receivers (Pressure Vessels) as part of compressor packages as well as a separate equipment. Various range of Air Receives for 100 L to 133m3 capacity and operating pressure up to 70 bar are available. Air receivers are fabricated as per IS:2825 (Air receivers with ASME Sec. VIII Div. I can be provided on request).

After Coolers
Aftercoolers are used to reduce temperature of compressed air coming from compressor. With inclusion of aftercoolers, which are available in water cooled/air cooled designs, major chunk of moisture is removed there by reducing load on dryers.

Air Filters
The primary reason for using a compressed air filter is to remove contamination and improve the air quality. Filters help track dirt particles and other particles that can affect your instrumentation otherwise. Various types of filters are available to remove liquid (water droplets and oil aerosols), solids (dust, dirt, rust particles) and oil vapours.

Compressed Air Piping
In industry, compressed air is so widely used that it is often regarded as the fourth utility, after electricity, natural gas and water. However, compressed air is more expensive than the other three utilities when evaluated on a per unit energy delivered basis. Proper piping is essential in maintaining efficient compressed air system. Shalkoot provides reliable and efficient Aluminium / SS piping systems.

We manufacture refrigerated as well as desiccant-based dehumidifiers. Used in industrial climatic chambers, to reduce relative humidity and the dew point in many industrial applications. Some industries include: printing, food packaging and processing, lithium-ion battery production, pharmaceutical laboratories, textile wrapping and quilling room etc.

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